Sons of Iraq sniff out weapons

They're the stateside version of the Neighborhood Watchers.

Only, instead of looking for potential troublemakers, the Sons of Iraq are dedicated to sniffing out enemy weapons caches.

And, this week, in Sabbah Nissan, a village southeast of Baghdad, the Sons uncovered yet another huge collection of weaponry and delivered it to a group of 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team soldiers at Forward Operating Base Hammer.

It was the most recent of 13 weapons caches they have brought to Battery A, 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery, since the inception of the Sons of Iraq program in Sabbah Nissan.

The cache consisted of 28 rocket-propelled grenade motors, five 125 mm artillery rounds, two 60 mm mortars, one 125 mm HEAT round, one 82 mm mortar, one rocket-propelled grenade warhead, two fuses and a 155 mm round.

"The Sons of Iraq have given us two caches this week,” said Spc. Andrew Watson. "They have given us about one a week, but this was one of the largest."