Key hosting Literacy Inder the Stars

Thursday evening, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., the students and parents at J.B. Key will experience "Literacy Under the Stars," a literacy effort by the Muscogee County School District.

According to a press release the project is designed to meet three goals:

1. To have parents, teachers, and students collaborate to investigate community resources, pose questions, design simple inquiry projects, and share them with each other.

2. To increase awareness among parents, teachers, students, and community.

3. To involve families and other community members in the work of Cornerstone schools, increase awareness on the connection between reading, writing, and first-hand experience.

The school district received a Cornerstone grant to fund "Literacy Under the Stars" at Key and four other schools, St. Mary's Magnet Academy, Rigdon Road Elementary, Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy Wynnton Arts Academy.

St. Mary's Rigdon Road and Downtown Elementary were introduced to the project Feb. 19, 26 and 28, respectively. Wynnton's turn is March 18.

The grant to give each school $2,000 worth of books. Also students and parents come together to do 10 science experiments together. Booklets, in which students and parents can document what they learned at each station, are provided. Stations include a demonstration by Georgia Power, the way telescopes work, looking at planets, stars and constellations through telescopes, microscopes, dancing raisins, making ice cream, effects of insulation, reading a book on space, making pennies shine, and Cartesian divers.

At the end of the evening , the student and parent choose their favorite topic to study. The student and parent together research the topic and write a poem, story, song, rap or report on that topic. Every student who turns in a product earns a field trip to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center.

The final products will be published in a book. Additionally the student/parent products will be videotaped. Every student/parent group receives a published set of the written products. The parents and students will come to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center for a showing of a videotape of all schools, after which the parent/student group will receive a book of the products.

For more information e-mail communications@mcsdga.net or call Wanda Self at (706) 748-2115.