Fire blamed on careless cooking

An apartment fire at 3308 Matilda Lane Thursday night is being credited to carelessness with cooking materials.

Columbus Fire & Emergency Medical Services was called at 9:49 p.m. where firefighters found the kitchen on fire, said fire investigator Kevin Nixon.

"The fire started on the front left eye of an electric stove," said Nixon. "It moved up the wall and across the ceiling."

He said the blaze was extinguished quickly, but not before it caused an estimated $15,000 damage to the building and $5,000 to the contents in a structure work about $150,000. He said the fire did not spread to any other apartment. No one was injured.

Occupant of the apartment was Peggy Jenkins. Nixon said Jeff Hung owns the apartments.

The fire was investigated by Sgt. Phillip Nolin.

Nixon urged caution and care in using grease and oils to cook, saying old oils will build up a film and that if fire goes through the film, "it's almost like a flash" that can lead to devastating fire.