Benning families take to the range

Most family days happen in parks, involve hot dogs and ice cream, but don't involve automatic weapon fire.

Saturday's event, for families of cadre members of the 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment at Fort Benning, was anything but typical.

Families began their day shooting M4 carbines, M240B machine guns, and M249 squad automatic weapons at Malone 12 firing range. Nearby, they threw dummy grenades at targets and communicate with each other on field radios.

"It's a chance for family members to see what their husbands do, day in and day out," said Lt .Colonel Paul Humphreys. Later Saturday, he said they would take the families through drill and ceremony and give them achance to wear full combat gear to see just how heavy it is.

The day was scheduled to conclude with a group picnic where Humphreys said they would thank the families for all they do.

"It's a chance for us to give a little back to the families," said Humphreys.