Council eyes demolishing buildings

Columbus Council is to consider demolishing somerundown buildings on Tuesday.

With council's approval, the buildings cityinspectors have deemed dangerously dilapidated are tobe torn down by Reaves Wrecking Company at anestimated cost of $39,642. But City Attorney CliftonFay said one of the eight structures targeted likelywill be removed from the demolition list becauseinspectors have found a lienholder with an interest inthat property, identified as 3619 Youmans Street,owned by J. P. Adams. The estimated cost of asbestosremoval and demolition for that building was $6,566.

The city pays for such demolitions with CommunityDevelopment Block Grant funds and with money from itsgeneral fund. It then files liens on the properties torecover its cost.

The city has identified the other seven propertiesand their owners as 5188 River Road, owned byChattahoochee Valley Inc.; 2817 Colorado Street,belonging to Colorado-G Real Estate Holding Trust;3316 O’Neal Street, owned by Dennis Deal; 2722 9thStreet, owned by William T. Ford Mortuary Inc.; 3622Youmans Street, belonging to Benny C. Foster; 6620Hensley Drive, owned by Charlie Harris; 4825 13thAvenue, owned by Theresa Jones; and 2504 2nd Avenue,owned by Judith James Scruggs.

Inspectors said some work has been done on thebuildings at 5188 River Road and 6620 Hensley Drive,but not on the other properties.

City leaders periodically approve such demolitionsunder an ordinance authorizing the removal ofbuildings determined to be "unsafe or unfit for humanhabitation."