Bearing the cross on Good Friday

For Randy McCook, carrying a large cross on his daily walk this week didn't seem too bad.

"It doesn't seem far to me, not for what I'm doing it for," McCook said Friday, pausing to discuss why he is carrying a large cross throughout uptown Columbus.

McCook began his daily journey t Monday, usually from the Open Door Community House, wearing a crown of thorns, purple garment, and carrying a twelve-foot-long cross he crafted from 1x6 pieces of wood. He carries it to show his faith and remind people of the reason for Holy Week.

"Today's the day they put Jesus on the cross, now it's up to us to open the door," McCook said.

McCook plans to leave the cross in uptown Columbus after first placing roses at the foot of the cross and also hanging dogwood flowers from it.

To learn more about McCook and his faith, please see the faith alive column in the Life & Faith section of Saturday's Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper.