Aflac parents invited to voice child care concerns

Parents concerned about Aflac's future with its child care center will now get the chance to voice their opinions.

Aflac is inviting parents with children enrolled at the company's two Imagination Station centers to a 5 p.m. meeting Wednesday at its Paul S. Amos campus, according to a company memo sent to parents Tuesday.

In the March 25 memo, Audrey Tillman, Aflac executive vice president of corporate services, wrote: "As our contract with the Growing Room draws to a close, we find this a good time to reevaluate our child care center policies and administration. Because Aflac is committed to the welfare of your children, we are proactively seeking a new child care center provider to operate our facilities."

The Growing Room manages Aflac's Imagination Station, which has two locations near two Aflac campuses.

Donald Carson, Aflac spokesperson, said its contract with the Growing Room has not been canceled and no formal decision has been made to change providers.

"But we certainly are considering our options as we look into the future," Carson said.

The memo was sent to parents after two incidents in the past two months that occurred at Aflac's Imagination Station.

In February, a Growing Room employee was videotaped grabbing and pulling the ears of two children at the Imagination Station, 2000 Lockwood Ave., where she worked.

Octavia Downing, 20, was fired and faces four counts of simple battery. The two affected families are scheduled to appear in State Court April 11.

Last Wednesday, there was an incident involving one child during pick-up from Aflac's day-care center. Neither Aflac or the Growing Room would provide further details as to what happened, but it has sparked investigations by both parties.

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