Two plead guilty to having weapons near school

Two teens pleaded guilty Monday to carrying a concealed weapon near Hardaway High School.

Michael Workman, of 924 Neill Drive, and Eric Shult, of 5238 Ray Drive, both 18, pleaded to the misdemeanor count before Muscogee County Superior Court Judge John Allen, Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore said. Workman was sentenced to 60 days in jail, followed by 10 months' probation. Shult was given a year on probation, 130 hours community service and a $250 fine.

"All of them — they were not supposed to be there," Moore said. "It is always a serious matter when somebody has a weapon at school."

Workman approached the high school about 20 minutes before classes let out April 26. Angry with a now 17-year-old student, Workman intended to intimidate him into not testifying against him in a State Court case, Moore said.

The student told administrators Workman might come to the school, and security personnel approached Workman and a juvenile as they were talking to Shult.

"Another teacher saw Eric Shult throw down two knives," Moore said. "Security found a box cutter on Workman."

Both teens were first charged with carrying a weapon on school property and criminal trespass, though the charges were reduced to the one misdemeanor for each.

An Army recruiter was in court on behalf of Workman, saying the military will accept him after his 60-day sentence.

"I think that given their ages and their lack of prior history, I think their resolution is a good one," Moore said.