Fort Benning soldiers immortalized in plaster for museum

Designers and sculptors from StudioEIS in Brooklyn, New York are casting 40 life-size figures at the Columbus Airport Hotel this week as part of a series of displays at the new National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Patriot Park.

Last fall, active duty Fort Benning soldiers auditoned to model for figures that represent soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the present. Most of the soldiers traveled to the studio in New York for the process, but the designers brought their studio to Columbus for the remaining few figures. SFC David Dillinger endured being covered in vasoline, alginate and plaster badaging for hours to complete a life-size cast of a pilot from the "Landing Zone X-Ray" display depicting the first U.S. soldiers landing in Vietnam.

"It's a honor to have the opportunity to replicate a specific moment in time," Dillinger said.

Look to the gallery attached to this story for a series of images showing the plaster casting process.