Shooter's home searched

Columbus Police have searched the home of Charles Johnston, 63, of 2311 Fifth Ave., Columbus. Johnston has been charged with murder following the shootings and deaths of three people at Doctors Hospital on Thursday.

Police Chief Ricky Boren said no guns were in the house, and no one else was present there. Detectives did find an obituary on Johnston's mother, who died in 2004. Johnston apparently had a grudge against the nurse, Peter Wright, who treated his mother. On Thursday, Johnston shot Wright in the head and chest, killing him, police said.

Boren said Johnston had visited the hospital earlier in the day on Thursday, asking for someone named Pete. When he returned around 2 p.m., he entered the hospital with three handguns and extra ammunition, Boren said. One weapon was concealed in a jacket pocket, one in a pants pocket, and another tucked into his waistband.

Boren said Johnston exchanged words with Wright in the hospital, asking if he remembered him. Johnston followed Wright into an empty room and shot him, Boren said. 032