Tidwell first in southeast to use AccuBoost

Last week Mariann Turner was the first woman in the southeast to undergo a site-specific radiaton procedure called AccuBoost.

It was done at the Tidwell Cancer Treatment Center in Columbus.

The treatment utilizes a digital mammography machine to deliver focused radiation to a lumpectomy site.

"This truly is a break through in the fight against breast cancer," said the Tidwell Cancer Treatment Center's Radiation Oconolgist Jack Tidwell.

"Women will be the first to appreciate this non-invasive, real-time, image-guided and painless treatment. The patient is right there watching us as we see what we treat and we treat what we see from multiple angles of delivery. For year, I have been using 3D ultrasound to sterotacxtically aim my treatment beam at men's prostate cancer. Now, finally I am able to use digital mammography to do the same thing for women's breast cancer."