Auburn council to consider authorizing ad valorem tax

AUBURN, Ala. - The Auburn City Council will consider three ordinances authorizing the Lee County revenue commissioner to assess and collect city ad valorem (property) taxes at their Tuesday meeting. These ordinances do not authorize a new tax or a tax increase, but instead authorize the assessment and collection of existing taxes. The City Council must authorize the County Revenue Commissioner to assess and collect the property taxes annually. Auburn’s property taxes total 26 mills and break down as follows:5 mills – General Fund 5 mills – Special Five Mill Tax Fund 5 mills – Special Additional School Tax Fund 111 mills – Special School Tax Fund

Of the 26 mills assessed to Auburn property owners, 16 mills go directly to Auburn City Schools. The remaining 10 mills are split between the city of Auburn’s General Fund and the Special Five Mill Tax Fund. Revenue from the City’s General Fund provides funding for paving and maintaining roads; public safety services, such as police and fire protection; and community events such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Bike Bash, and CityFest.

General Fund revenues also provide infrastructure improvements such as traffic signals and bridges, new bike paths and sidewalks, and the new fire station. In addition to providing public services through its General Fund, the Auburn City Council appropriates funds to Auburn City Schools directly from the General Fund. This year, the City Council has allocated $6,795,523 to Auburn’s school system.

The City of Auburn utilizes a Special 5-Mill Tax Fund for debt repayment on capital projects. All projects must be approved by Auburn voters. In April 2006, Auburn citizens voted to use revenue from the Special 5-Mill Tax Fund to construct the City of Auburn/Auburn University Yarbrough Tennis Center and a 10,000 square foot addition to the Auburn Public Library.

Construction of the Tennis Center was completed in summer 2007. Construction of the expansion at the Auburn Public Library is well underway with plans for completion in late spring or early summer. Previous projects constructed using the Special Five Mill Tax Fund include the Auburn Soccer Complex, Town Creek Park, and Town Creek Cemetery.

For more information, please contact Auburn City Hall at 501-7260.