Seven finalists selected CSU presidential search

Seven candidates for president of Columbus State University have been invited to become finalists for the position.

The individuals were chosen after the search and screening committee conducted interviews last month in Atlanta.

Their names will not be released until they have formally accepted the invitation to become finalists and agree to let their identities be made public, said George Stanton, CSU's vice president of academic affairs.

The search and screening committee met March 28 and 29 at the Airport Hilton in Atlanta to interview 10 candidates they had chosen out of the candidate pool. More than 300 names had been submitted in the search.

Three of the candidates interviewed were sitting presidents, six were provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs and one was a dean. Four were women and two were black.

After conducting 90-minute interviews with each of the candidates, the committee decided to invite seven of them to become finalists. Two of the presidents, four provosts and one dean were chosen, including three women and one of the black candidates.

Stanton said he hopes the names will be released within the next couple days and that they hope to conduct an on-campus interview with the first candidate on April 7.