CSU to host 50th anniversary celebration

Columbus State University will host a series of homecoming events and a campus open house this weekend as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

The celebration will kick-off Thursday, April 3, with a 40th anniversary celebration for CSU's nursing program at the Cunningham Center from 5 to 8 p.m.

Events on Friday and Saturday will include a free concert and fireworks display, a 5k road race, a demonstration from the Fort Benning Silver Wings parachute team and a pet show organized by the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association.

“I see this as our gift to the community for 50 years of support,” Meri Robinson, chairwoman of the committee organizing the Open House-Homecoming said in a press release. “We belong to this community. They have nurtured us and supported us. They have made an amazing investment, and I think it has paid off.”

For more information on this weekend's events, visit the college's 50th anniversary Web site, http://www.colstate.edu/50years.