Elimination night on American Idol

After a night of altruism, "American Idol" returns to the business of crushing dreams.

Tonight, one of the eight finalists will be eliminated from the reality TV competition. The show starts at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Tuesday, singers performed inspirational tunes. Based on those performances, many fans believe Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson are in the highest danger of going home.

The show took a break from its standard schedule for the philanthropy extravaganza "Idol Gives Back," which aired Wednesday night. Last year, the event raised $76 million for charities in the U.S. and Africa. This year, producers hope to raise $100 million.

Get a full recap of "Idol Gives Back" at the "American Idol" blog at www.ledger-enquirer.com. Reporter Sonya Sorich will update the blog "live" throughout tonight's show, so be sure to check in often for updates.