Police find car-jacked vehicle

Columbus police have recovered a vehicle stolen during an car-jacking Saturday in the Overlook neighborhood, where the black Acura was taken at gunpoint from two women checking out a house for sale.

Patrol Officer Ada Johnson found the four-door 2007 Acura MDX about 6 p.m. Sunday in a carport behind an apartment building at Lawyers Lane and Hood Street. It's Muscogee tag had been switched to an Alabama tag. Officers were questioning neighbors, one of whom said stolen cars had been turning up in the area.

The sport-utility vehicle belongs to Susan Metcalf, who with Peggy Smith was examining a house for sale at 912 Peachtree Drive about 4:45 p.m. Saturday when two men approached, one armed with a pistol, and took the vehicle from the driveway.

The two women declined to comment on the incident Sunday.

Overlook resident Teresa Tomlinson was out for a walk Saturday when she passed the two men shortly before the car was stolen. She said they were walking single-file north on the sidewalk along Peachtree Drive when she passed them.

"They looked like they were going somewhere — you know, going out," she said.

One was wearing oversized black denim shorts that extended below his knees, an oversized black shirt and black cap. The other wore an oversized soccer-like purple jersey and oversized shorts, with braided hair pulled back into a high, thick ponytail. Both were described as black and in their early 20s, police said.

The Overlook neighborhood is to the south of Wynnton Road and west of Buena Vista Road. A car-jacking there is rare.

"It's a horrible event when it happens anywhere, and it's particularly horrible when it happens in your own neighborhood," Tomlinson said.