Entrepreneurship tour to stop at CSU

A nationwide collegiate tour for aspiring entrepreneurs will make a stop at Columbus State University Thursday.

Hosted by CSU's Turner College of Business, the Extreme Entrepreneurship event is free and open to interested students and community members.

The four-part fair will feature the following:

- Keynote presentations by accomplished young entrepreneurs affiliated with national organization Extreme Entrepreneurship Education.

- A "How to Start a Business" workshop.

- A panel discussion featuring local entrepreneurs Carla Plazas of New Life Tanning Centers, Kike Seda of A-1 Postage Meters and Ashley Hatcher of Archer Innovation.

- A closing lunch and networking session involving about 15 more local small business owners.

Kirk Heroit, event director and CSU associate professor of management, said the majority of today's top entrepreneurs didn't come from a business background.

"The tour reflects this reality by reaching across academic disciplines with a vision for students to earn their degrees with an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of their career paths," he said. "Subsequently, this type of program works to keep young, creative people in the local community."

The event will be held in the Davidson Student Center auditorium from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

For more information, visit www.extremetour.org or contact Heroit at 706-565-1674 or heroit_kirk@colstate.edu.