Railing gap to be plugged

A railing along the Chattahoochee Riverwalk off Bay Avenue at 10th Street is about to lose its drive-through. Recently a driver downtown went out of the way to go nowhere, as the car came to the west end of 10th Street, passing Columbus State University's new theater building, and kept going — 160 feet across a grassy plaza and right through a decorative railing overlooking the Riverwalk. The driver's insurance covered the damage, and Columbus Council just approved a contract with Bruce Tile Company for $14,000, "plus costs for any unforeseen damage for construction services related to the repair of the damaged railing," according to the city manager's request. The work had to expedited for safety. Right now four 12-foot wooden barricades are blocking the 41-foot gap left in the railing over a 4-foot drop to an amphitheater-like bowl below.