Dan Snavely Sr. is the winner

It's been a fun weekend for Dan Snavely and his son, Dan Jr.

They found out Saturday one of them, unless there's another Dan Snavely around they didn't know about, won a new Nissan in the annual St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway drawing.

Kogie Upshaw of Columbus was the big winner, walking away with a Harris County home valued at $550,000. But don't shortchange the value of a weekend of father-son bonding for the Snavelys.

They both bought $100 tickets — just two of 8,300 people who did so — and it was announced on TV and in the newspaper that the winner was Dan Snavely.

It just didn't say which one.

That started a round of negotiations that lasted into Monday morning before they discovered it was Dan Sr., a 66-year-old Columbus home builder, who drives away with the 2007 Versa hatchback.

Shortly after the winner was announced Saturday night, Dan Jr., who was in New York, got a call from a friend telling him he had won a car. Then the friend asked, "Did your dad buy a ticket?"

Dan Jr. didn't know, so he called his father.

The short answer was his dad bought two.

Then Dan Jr., 42, made an offer only a dad could refuse.

"Her offered to split it," Dan Sr. said.

The quick answer?

"I told him I didn't want half a car, I would take my chances," Dan Sr. said.

Well the text messages and the back and forth went on most of the weekend. The son wanted a split, and the dad wanted no part of it. "I finally said 'no, no, no,' " Dan Sr. said. "'It's either you or me. I am not playing that game. I either win or lose.'

Dan Jr. remembers the conversation this way: "What he said was let the best man win."