American Idol: Who's going home tonight?

Ironically, many "American Idol" viewers ended their affair with crooner Brooke White when she sang "You Must Love Me" Tuesday night.

Seconds into the Andrew Lloyd Webber week song, she opted for a do-over. She attributed the move to forgotten lyrics. Even typically sunny judge Paula Abdul was critical of the decision, telling the 24-year-old singer, "You must never start and stop." It was the second time this season that White stumbled with a false start.

Beyond the do-over, the performance struggled -- perhaps a result of White's decision to take the stage sans guitar or piano.

Some "Idol" fans say the false start alone should be enough to send the singer home tonight. Others say it will only generate pity votes. Also in danger? Dreadlocked guitarist Jason Castro, whose rendition of "Memory" was labeled by the judges as an awkward song choice.

(Even more awkward? Castro's pre-performance take on his song: "I didn't know a cat was singing it.")

Tonight's elimination show starts at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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