Columbus inmate gets 1 year for escape

A Columbus inmate who escaped while on work duty at the Government Center pleaded guilty Wednesday and was sentenced to one year in prison.

Xavier Barge, 21, fled from the Ninth Street facility Jan. 9, 2007, though no one saw him go, said Assistant District Attorney Jarrell Schley. One inmate told authorities he had last seen Barge on the Seventh Floor.

"His clothes were found in the break room," she said.

Barge was in prison for a probation violation, the prosecutor said. Convicted in Nov. 2004 of drug possession, he had been given four years probation. While on probation, he was caught with marijuana and sent to prison, Schley said.

Barge was rearrested Jan. 25.

"The sentence is commiserate with the crime," Schley said of Superior Court Judge John Allen's sentence of one year, followed by seven years probation.