World Tai Chi day celebrated at Lakebottom Park

As the sounds of Little League baseball echoed in the background, Mike Skinner, wearing a large red dragon costume, navigated through the spectators and lawn chairs gathered not far from the ballfields for a different purpose.

Skinner, from the Chien Hong School of Kung Fu, was demonstrating "The Lion Dance" to an appreciative crowd gathered to celebrate the 10th Annual World Tai Chi Day at Lakebottom Park in Columbus.

The event, sponsored by the Sasebo School of Martial Arts and the D.A. Turner YMCA, included a variety of demonstrations by Columbus area Tai Chi and Qigong classes.

Audience participation was encouraged.

Dr. Phil Chan led the crowd through three exercises designed to help them feel their energy.

"It's very pleasant and the energy is good for your health," Chan said, as he described the sensation of warmth or tingling derived from the exercises.

Maurice Crenshaw, the chief sensei from the Sasebo School of Martial Arts, led the audience through the program, featuring a variety of both long and short Tai Chi forms, as well as sword forms.