'Terrific Kids' program presenting scholarships to local students

Children in fifth grade have been found to have tobacco stains on their teeth.

"That," says Jan Pease, "is not a good sign."

Pease is the director of community relations for the The Tidwell Cancer Foundation which is working to make sure children that young and younger knows the perils of smoking.

"The three biggest risk factors for cancer," she says, "are smoking, diet and exercise and those are all things we can control." Saturday evening, the foundation will be honoring 112 local high school students who have participated in the Tidwell's Terrific Kids program and 10 will receive college scholarships worth $250.

The banquet will be 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at Jordan High.

Pease says the teens in the program are taught about smoking and cancer then the teens in groups went to third grade classes in the area schools and did costume skits as well as delivered health facts.

"We want those third graders next year as fourth graders to come back and mentor third graders," she says. For more information, call Pease at 706-507-0123.