CRCT re-tests begin Monday

Muscogee County students who failed portions of the Criterion Referenced Competency Test have a chance to get in some more review before re-testing begins on Monday.

Eighth graders who failed the math portions of the exam can take an online re-test preparation course provided by the Georgia Department of Education. The online course is available at http://resources.georgiamath.org.

There are also online practice tests for subjects in every grade available through the state's online assessment system. The tests are available at www.georgiaoas.org. Parents and others without personal login IDs provided by the school can use the guest logins provided on the Department of Education's testing Web site. The login and password will be the student's grade level; for example, the login and password to access fifth grade practice tests would be Grade5.

Re-test for third and fifth grade reading and eighth grade math will be administered Monday, June 23. The re-test for fifth grade math and eighth grade reading will be held Tuesday, June 24.

The re-tests mark the end of a two-week summer acceleration program the district organized after more than 1,200 students failed portions of the state-mandated assessment.

The summer acceleration program was not mandatory for those who failed the exam, but re-testing is required if the student wants to advance to the next grade.

Parents of children who did not participate in the summer acceleration program, but must take the re-test can contact either the Elementary Education department at 706-748-2112 or the Secondary Education department at 706-748-2136 for more information.