Mental M.A.P.S. workshop scheduled for July 1

Scott Goodknight holds a Mental M.A.P.S. workshop 7-10 p.m. July 1 in the Columbus Airport Hotel, 5351 Sidney Simons Blvd.

Goodknight is a former Army Ranger and created the Mental M.A.P.S. Program. Using these techniques, he has taught more than 50 people how to walk safely across a bed of 1,200 degree burning coals.

This program teaches people about how beliefs control every aspect of our world today; how your state of mind attracts what you fear and what you desire; and ow communication is the master skill of the 21st century.

The fee is $95 and registration is required.

Call Goodknight at 706-987-3393 or e-mail him at tickets@scottgoodknight.,com