Skatepark nearly complete

The cement work on the pools and flat work at The Jonathan Hatcher Skateboard Park should be completed this weekend.

With the cement baking from a full day of sun, California Skateparks foreman Jay McLane and welder Joseph Badura put away their level and blowtorch in favor of a more practical tool to check their work by.


The two California Skateparks workers spent a few hours Tuesday "finding lines," or the best method of skateboarding around the different arcs and dips in the park to reach a climax -- usually becoming airborne.

After their clothes were ringing in sweat from researching practically every inch of cement, McLane broke out an electric water pump and began pumping standing water from where it still stood after raining the night before.

"The city still needs to do the landscaping, lighting and the fence," said McLane. "These guys seem to be on it, so it shouldn't take long.

McLane estimates that the park should be ready to open in as early as six weeks.