South Commons goes to the dogs

Portions of South Commons were taken over by man's four-legged friends and those that love them this weekend during the Aflac Outdoor Games.

Dogs of all sorts and sizes competed in three different events during the innaugural event.

In the Dockdogs event, dogs, under the direction of their trainers or owners, flew off the end of the dock after a thrown toy before splashing down in a pool, where both their height and distance were measured.

One field over, owners and trainers put dogs through a maze of obstacles, with them jumping through rings and over obstacles, running through both pipe and collapsed tunnels, zig-zagging through weave poles, and gingerly making their way over a see-saw.

In the Flyball event, a team of four dogs race against other four dog teams. They race through an obstacle course, hit a flyball box releasing a ball, retreive the ball and then return to the start/finish line, where the other dogs on the team do likewise. The event is timed and course penalties are factored in.

The Aflac Outdoor Games conclude today.

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