Five arrested in alcohol sting at H20

A 17- and 20-year-old walk into a bar, get past the doorman and order a drink.

Next item on the menu — five employees are arrested and sent Monday to Columbus Recorder's Court. One got her case dismissed by the judge, the remaining four were fined and their attorney appealed the case to State Court.

That scene started around 9:30 p.m. Friday at H20, the new nightspot at 6499 Veterans Parkway. It continued Monday when Columbus Police Sgt. William Gasaway testified about the sting that encompassed 14 spots around town.

According to Gasaway, the two women got past Dexter T. St. George, 38, who was checking IDs at the front door, and were served a drink by Sara L. Lang, 24.

"I know Mr. St. George opened the door and let them in," Gasaway said.

Officers then entered the club and arrested St. George and Lang as well as Manager Angela D. Suggs, 49, Henry C. Rodgers, 64 — who helped remodel the club — and Sharayah R. Davis, 28, a server, who didn't have her ABC card.

St. George said the women essentially talked their way past his station at the front door and that if it weren't for his actions, he and his former co-defendants wouldn't have been in court.

The others, essentially, agreed.

Suggs said bar policy calls for the doorman to check everyone's picture IDs, and that it was his sole responsibility. Lang said none of the bartenders check IDs, because policy states it's the doorman's job.

Judge Mary Buckner issued fines ranging from $250-500 for everyone, excepting Suggs, whose case was dismissed by the judge. Buckner told Suggs she would only warn her, telling her to be more diligent.

Attorney Michael Garner, who represents everyone but St. George, appealed his clients' cases to State Court. The actions start the legal process over, he said, and his clients will have the right to a trial before six jurors.

Those cases could reach trial within six months.