Benning prepares for combatives competition

Like watching grown-ups grapple?

Then you'll get a kick out of Fort Benning's Combatives Championship.

The competition takes place Aug. 2 on post at the Smith Fitness Center on Dixie Road.

The opening ceremony will take place at 8:45.

After that, it's on!

Approximately 80 Soldiers are expected to compete at the round-robin style meet. Two competitors from each of the seven weight divisions will represent Fort Benning in the Army Combatives Championship scheduled for Oct. 4 and 5.

For those who don't know what army combatives is, think Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's a functional mixed martial art form combining Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, clinch hitting, takedowns and groundfighting techniques. Combatives also employs techniques borrowed from judo, kick boxing and Greco-roman wrestling.

The U.S. Army Combatives School trains approximately 500 Soldiers at levels three and four every year. These Soldiers return to their units around the world to conduct training.

Basic (level one) combatives is one of the Army’s 40 warrior core tasks and is taught to thousands of basic training Soldiers annually.

The public is invited to attend the combatives competition. There is no admission fee and parking is free.

For more information, call 706-545-3512 or 706-545-4591.