Auburn University art professor's exhibit is an unusual one

Even though Barb Bondy has gone home, her work can still be seen.

Bondy, an Auburn University art professor, spent all of June and the first week of July living and working in the Illges Gallery inside the Corn Center for the Visual Arts in the Columbus State University RiverPark campus, 6 West 10th St.

The show can be seen 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m. today and again July 15-17.

It's a fascinating show.

There's a "wall" that divides the main gallery from Bondy's sleeping area, where she actually slept the 30 nights she worked here.

It was part performance art and part studio. The performance part came as students, faculty and visitors would go into the gallery and talk to her. The studio part because she actually worked there.

"This was an opportunity of a lifetime for me," she said of the work, "Night Tracks, Day Tracks."

The exhibit is a series of drawings and photographs that depicts the dualities of night and day as a metaphor for the conscious and unconscious states of mind.

It's free.

Call 706-507-8300.