Altercation at poll leads to poll worker going home

A conversation between state Sen. candidate Reginald Pugh and a poll worker led to the elections volunteer going home for the day.

According to a Muscogee County Elections and Registration Board member, Pugh was seen passing out information within 150 feet of Belvedere Senior Center, at 726 Parkwood Drive. Campaigning within 150 feet of a poll isn't allowed, and that was part of the reason a discussion between Pugh and the worker started.

Board member Eleanor White happened to already be at the site, though another board member and an area manager were called to the scene to resolve the situation.

White said it is the board's responsibility to handle such situations, and with a majority decision of the board, it was decided to relocate the poll worker. He, however, chose to take the day off instead.

"We require the poll workers to be courteous," said Margaret Jenkins, the board's chairwoman.