McTier to remain principal of Russell County High School

Dolores McTier will remain principal at Russell County High School this school year.

The Russell County school board voted in June to transfer McTier to lead teacher of the Alternative Learning Center and an ad was placed on the school system's Web site and the state department of education's Web site soliciting applications for the position last week.

McTier, who was appointed as principal of the county's only high school in 2006, contested the transfer. As a contract principal, she can only be transferred to another contract principal position. The ALC has no principal position.

A contract principal is a person employed in Alabama on or after July 1, 2000 by an employing board to serve as the chief administrator of a school, including a vocational center.

"The principal of the high school will remain," Superintendent Yvette Richardson told the Russell County School board at their Tuesday night meeting after members said they had gotten questions from the community about the transfer.

Richardson said when she recommended the transfer, she thought a principal position would eventually come open and McTier would move to that school. When no position came open, McTier contested the transfer.

Richardson declined to say which of the district's seven other schools might have been an employment option for McTier and would not comment on why the principal was transferred in the first place, saying it was a personnel matter.

McTier did not want to comment on the transfer, asking that all questions be referred to the superintendent.

Richardson said she spoke with board attorney Sydney Smith and the school board does not have to re-vote on McTier's employment on at the high school. Board member Chuck Johnson asked that a note be made in the minutes of the last board meeting about McTier's continued employment.

The ads for the position will be taken down, Richardson said.

McTier is the third principal the high school has had in the past three years. She has also served as an assistant principal at the school and as principal of Russell Elementary.

The Russell County School System has 3,698 students at eight schools: five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one alternative learning center. The system has a budget of $33 million and employs 481 people.