Man gets 2 years for attempted sexual battery

Christopher Williams' victim closed her eyes as he started to break the law, never seeing what he did.

That unseen act got Williams a two-year sentence Wednesday when he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery.

Williams, 26, faced a maximum of 2 1/2 years from Muscogee County Superior Court Judge Frank Jordan Jr., though Jordan followed the two-year plea agreement. Already incarcerated for more than a year, Williams' sentence is up May 2009.

The accusation against Williams stemmed from an Oct. 29, 2006, incident at Williams' house. A girl had come to visit his child, and he stepped into the room she was sleeping in to talk, said Assistant District Attorney Crawford Seals.

He left, only to return later and inappropriately touch himself.

"She thought he was doing something he should not have been doing," Seals said.

The prosecutor noted that police first thought Williams had touched the girl, leading to an initial charge of child molestation. They later learned that wasn't the case.

Williams was arrested in May 2007 and had his probation on another case revoked.