Ag chief implements Razor-Free Friday

Cutting water consumption can be a close shave.

So Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin is telling his workers they don't have to shave on Fridays.

“We’ve had Casual Fridays as well as casual-dress days to help employees deal with the heat; now we’re instituting a Razor-Free Friday to help with water conservation efforts in Georgia,” a state press release quotes Irvin saying. “Every little bit helps, and I want to encourage everybody to conserve water in any way they can during this drought.”

Coming to work with a 5 o'clock shadow may cut one's water consumption by no more than a whisker's breadth, but it all adds up. And sporting the Justin Timberlake look is just one way to conserve: "Taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth are just some of the little things Georgians can do to help conserve,” Irvin added.