Registe added to FBI's top 10 most wanted

Video from the Registe press conference:

Guy Kilgore, the father of one of the men authorities believe was killed July 20, 2007, by Michael Registe said press conferences such as today's in the Columbus Public Safety Building bring all the memories back to the surface. But Kilgore wants the message out — that Registe, 25, is wanted for the murder of Bryan Kilgore and Randy Newton Jr., that he is on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list and that the agency will pay $100,000 to whoever helps turn him in.

"Somebody will turn him in, I feel like," Kilgore said. "I don't know how that part of the world operates, but they all seem to be motivated by money."

The FBI put Registe on the list Saturday. Sharing it with such fugitives as Osama bin Laden, Registe took the place of a man captured just weeks ago, said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jaclyn Zappacosta.