Registe story appears on 'Good Morning America'

It never gets easier for Guy Kilgore.

The father of one of the men authorities believe was killed July 20, 2007, by Michael Jason Registe said press conferences such as Monday's in the Columbus Public Safety Building bring all the memories back to the surface. But Kilgore wants the message out -- that Registe, 25, is wanted for the murder of Bryan Kilgore, 20, and Randy Newton Jr., 21, that he is on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List and that the agency will reward $100,000 to whoever helps turn him in.

"Somebody will turn him in, I feel like," Kilgore said. "I don't know how that part of the world operates, but they all seem to be motivated by money."

The FBI put Registe on the list Saturday. Sharing it with such fugitives as Osama bin Laden, Registe took the place of a man captured just weeks ago, said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jaclyn Zappacosta. The reward for information leading to Registe's arrest was also raised to $100,000 from $20,000 — a change that came about a month after the FBI announced the original award of $5,000 had been upped.

"Relieved," said Mary Ingram, Newton's aunt, when asked how she'd feel upon Registe's arrest. "We really would be relieved. At least we wouldn't have to look in the paper and see what he's done. I believe this is really going to bring him in."

Registe was developed as a suspect shortly after the shootings. Kilgore and Newton had been found in the parking lot of Cross Creek Apartments, both suffering from execution-style gunshot wounds to the head. Newton died at the scene, and Kilgore died shortly afterward.

"This man was brought up on the street," Police Chief Ricky Boren said. "This man is a shooter. He's an armed robber. That's how he makes his living."

Boren and Guy Kilgore appeared on Monday's edition of "Good Morning America" to talk about the case in a 3 1/2--minute segment. The police chief called Registe a danger to society, adding the fugitive has drug and gang affiliations. At Monday's press conference, Boren said gangs, drugs, weapons and false IDs were Registe's likely sources of money.

"As long as he's out there, he may do something like this to another family and send them through the torment and the pain and suffering that our family has gone through," Guy Kilgore said on the nationwide program.