Man gets 10 years for police department burglary

Marcus C. Phillips might have gotten away with taking drugs from the Phenix City Police Department when he broke in April 9, 2007. He'd already taken methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana and made it to the building's back parking lot before an officer saw him.

Phillips' actions that night got the 25-year-old 10 years in prison Tuesday when he was sentenced by Russell County Circuit Court Judge George Greene on charges of third-degree burglary and possession of burglar's tools.

"I think it's a reasonable sentence," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Buster Landreau.

A jury decided in June that Phillips used a screwdriver and other tools to bypass four doors, including an exterior door that was unlocked, to get to the evidence room. He threw drugs and guns into a garbage bag, stepped outside and was caught by a police officer.

The police department has since improved its door locks and now keeps its exterior door locked, Landreau said.