Slain couple has been dead for some time

Russell County authorities have identified two people found slain Wednesday in their double-wide mobile home off U.S. 80 as Monique Reid, 27, and Quincy Davidson, 24.

Sheriff Tommy Boswell said Davidson and Reid, both of 4357 U.S. 80 West, had been dead for some time. The bodies were discovered about 7:30 p.m.

Neighbors of the couple say Reid and Davidson hadn't been seen for almost a month. Davidson's father found the bodies after having heard nothing from his son for some time, witnesses said.

Boswell said his department is searching for a suspect in the case, but the sheriff would not identify the man being sought.

Coroner Arthur L. Sumbry Jr. said the case is being investigated as a homicide. The bodies have been sent to the Alabama Department of Forensics.

The couple's neighbors described what happened Wednesday evening on the property 8 miles west of the U.S. 280 Bypass. The crime scene is near the corner of U.S. 80 and Russell County Road 94.

Felicia Stallion, who lives next door, said she was home Wednesday when a man knocked on her door and asked if she had seen his son. She said she hadn't seen him for about a month, and had noticed the son's vehicle had been missing for that same time.

She said that moments later the man was in her yard screaming, "Oh, my God, he killed him! He has killed my son!"

"He told me that he had gone to his son's trailer and had smelled a strong odor," said Stallion. "He got in the trailer through a back window and found blood everywhere. He couldn't take any more."

She added: "I believe the father thinks he knows who did it. He told me he hadn't seen or heard from his son in about three weeks, and was curious why not."

She said Davidson was black and Reid was white. "She was beautiful," Stallion said.

Remodeling a house around the corner on Russell County 94, also known as Laney Road, Troy King said the double-wide in which the victims were living belongs to his parents, Lewis and Jean King of Hatchechubbee, Ala. Davidson and Reid had just moved in there about two months ago, he said.

King said Davidson drove a mid-’80s black GMC suburban, and also owned a red Lincoln Continental. One of the vehicles recently was towed away, he said.He couldn't remember which, but said he had not seen any vehicle at the property lately.

He said a little girl, about 6 or 7 years old, also had been staying with the couple. Stallion said she was told that the girl was the daughter of Reid's cousin.

King said that a young black man in his 20s also had been staying with Reidand Davidson lately. Stallion said the victim's father told her that theyoung man was his nephew.

King said he went to the double-wide last week to close in an air-conditioning unit, and smelled a foul odor then. He assumed an animal had crawled underneath the home and died.

King said the home had three bedrooms and three baths.

Stallion said the couple kept to themselves, but would wave to her as they sat on the porch of the light-brown double-wide in the evening, with torches lit in the yard.

"They wanted their privacy," Stallion said. "When they first were moving in they asked me if it was a peaceful place, if people around here kept to themselves. I told them they'd have no problems here."

She didn't know whether the couple was shot, but said she and her neighbor both heard what sounded like a gun blast about three weeks ago.

"It startled us, but we figured it was just somebody hunting," she said.

The other neighbor didn't want her name to be published. "You know, my dog has been acting up lately, acting really strange," said the woman. "My neighbor (Stallion) said that dogs can smell things humans don't. Maybe, that was the problem."

She confirmed what Stallion said about the couple being friendly, but liking their privacy.

"The father was screaming," she said of the events Wednesday. "I tried to calm him down. I tried to calm everyone down."

She said she had noticed Davidson's vehicle was gone, and had figured the couple was just on vacation.

"You never expect anything like this," she said. "I'm trying not to bescared."