African children's choir bridges gap at local church

Tribal drums and African accents echoed in the Edgewood Presbyterian Church as The Daraja Children's Choir of Africa shared their relationship with God through music and dance to all that attended.

The Kenyan choir was started last year by The 410 Bridge mission organization, a non-profit based out of Atlanta.

Christi Baker is the choir's tour leader and knows the children's message well.

"Daraja means bridge in Swahili," said Baker. "They are here to bridge the gap between cultures."

The choir will return to Africa after one more tour stop Aug. 6th at Monticello, Georgia, but they will be returning to the United States Oct. 5th starting with two stops in Georgia.

For more information about the choir visit their website at www.410bridge.org/daraja

Click on the music file associated with this story to hear the children's performance at Edgewood Presbyterian.