Russell couple died of gunshot wounds

The Russell County couple found slain in their home July 30 died of gunshot wounds, preliminary autopsy reports show.

Both Quincy Davidson and Monique Reid received at least one gunshot wound each to the head while Reid also suffered injuries from a sharp instrument, said County Coroner Arthur Sumbry.

The day after Davidon's father, Julius Johnson, discovered the bodies in the couple's mobile home off U.S. 80 West, Russell County Sheriff's investigators arrested 20-year-old Terrance Mays and 19-year-old Brandon Ramone Hall and charged them in connection with the double homicide.

Russell County Sherriff Tom Boswell said both Mays and Hall were living with Davidson and Reid.

Mays, said Boswell said, is believed to be a cousin of Davidson's.

"Hall may be related too. We're just not sure yet," he said at a news press conference Aug. 1. "We've got a lot more interviews to conduct."

Boswell said at the conference that the killings may have taken place as far back as the Fourth of July.

He said family members were helpful in finding Mays, who had been driving Davidson's car, a mid-'80s black GMC Suburban.