Supporting the families

Carrie Snyder, front, holds her son, three-month-old Kellen, while family friend Bessie Stone holds his twin, A.J. The four were enjoying the company of other deployed soldiers's families at Homefront Georgia's free party, hosted by Monkey Joe's on Airport Thruway on Monday evening. The twins' father, Jacob Snyder, who is deployed with the Alpha 110, 3rd Infantry Division, left shortly after the twins were born. Bessie Stone moved from her home in Washington state to Phenix City to help take care of the twins and take some of the load off of Carrie. The Snyders also have a two-year-old named Emily.

"About 130 families showed up, every one with the fathers deployed and the mothers left to take care of the children and home," said Homefront Development Director Kim Scof. All the children were given "kid rations" — coupons for snacks, fun and free food.