Ceremony in Butler on Monday to honor black soldier slain after voting in 1946

Maceo Snipes will not be forgotten on Memorial Day.

On Monday, the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP and the Prison and Jail Project will hold a Memorial Day ceremony in Butler, Ga. to honor the World War II veteran.

Snipes was shot to death in July 1946 after he became the first African American to vote in that county since reconstruction.

The ceremony will begin at 11 a.m. at the Taylor County Courthouse. A wreath will be presented to the Snipes family.

"Maceo Snipes is a true American hero," said NAACP Edward Dubose in a press release. "He not only fought for his country in the Pacific during World War II but he came home and dared to exercise one of the very rights he fought for — the right to vote and participate in a democracy."