Remaining two men plead in Flat Rock murder case

The remaining two defendants in the Flat Rock Park murder case who agreed to testify for the state against their co-conspirators have pleaded guilty.

Michael R. Jarvis and James L. Stewart, both 19, pleaded guilty Monday to armed robbery and first-degree arson in the Aug. 10, 2007, death of 28-year-old Aubrey Hector. They were sentenced according to a plea agreement, both receiving 12 years in prison, followed by 13 years on probation.

"I thought (it) was reasonable, given their assistance throughout the case," said Assistant District Attorney Don Kelly. "Neither one of them did anything except drive a vehicle."

Both teens were poised last week to testify against four men implicated in Hector's death -- Robert Hancock, 18; Frank Ravenel, 19; Vincent A. Clegg, 20; and Kyle C. Klamer, 20. All four halted their trial just before jurors were about to take their oath, and they chose to plead guilty to crimes ranging from murder to concealing the death of another.