Harris High students caught with gun

Two Harris County High School students were arrested Wednesday for bringing a gun to school, said the county's school superintendent, Susan Andrews.

"The student brought the gun to bring to another student," Andrews said. "He didn't have a plot or a threat, although it is still a very dangerous situation."

The gun was spotted at the end of the school day Wednesday. Concerned students on a bus traveling from the high school to Harris County Middle School provided the tip, Andrews said.

Those involved were arrested by the Harris County Sheriff's Office. In addition to the criminal charges which have been filed against the 15 and 16-year olds, they will face a disciplinary tribunal within the next couple of weeks, Andrews said.

She said the law is clear about the punishment when it comes to bringing weapons on school grounds. The students face an automatic one year expulsion or transfer to an alternative school. Because the weapon was a gun, Andrews said the tribunal will likely choose expulsion.

The teens allegedly burglarized two guns from the community, but only one weapon was brought to Harris County High School, Andrews said. A phone message went out Friday at 6:30 p.m. to parents of Harris County High School students to inform them of what happened Wednesday.