Police investigate Wal-Mart shooting

A Wal-Mart security guard was shot at while making rounds in Valley, Ala.

Matthew Liles said he was making his rounds around 3:30 this morning when he heard a gunshot and something strike the roof of his truck. Checking out the situation, he found the truck roof had been struck by a bullet.

While police officers were taking a report from Liles, they received a call to the 1900 block of 54th Street in reference to a small pickup truck striking a carport and two vehicles.

After arrival, the officers detained 28-year-old Jonathan Scott Miller and 25-year-old Randall Christian Herren. Both are Valley residents.

Officers observed that the vehicle matched the description of that seen earlier at Wal-Mart.

A witness was brought to the scene and indentified the vehicle as one seen near the shooting.

Police found a .17 caliber rifle with a spent shell casing in the suspects' vehicle and both suspects were arrested and charged with assault in the first degree.

Miller was also charged with driving under the influence.