St. Luke's School celebrates Red Ribbon Week

St. Luke's School will hold a series of activities this week to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week is an awareness campaign held every October, encouraging students to say no to drugs and alcohol.

To kick off the week, the school announced winners of a student Red Ribbon Week art contest this morning. The winning pieces were enlarged to poster size and put on display in each of the campus buildings.

The winners, Ann Johnson, Mallory Wood and Devin Killough, each received a red ribbon and a poster-size reproduction of their work to take home.

The school will hold a variety of activities for the rest of the week. They include:

On Tuesday, Oct. 28:

We Elect to Be Drug Free—Everyone at the school will receive a red, white and blue bracelet with this logo.

On Wednesday, Oct. 29:

Celebrate a Drug Free Life— The school's chef will provide cupcakes as the dessert for lunch, and students in grades 5-8 will have the opportunity to sign a Red Ribbon Week Pledge.

On Thursday, Oct. 30:

Tricks Not Treats— Everyone at the school will receive a wristband with the theme, "Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco are Tricks not Treats!"

On Friday, Oct. 31:

Put a Cap on Drugs—Everyone at the school can wear baseball cap or hat.