Wounded teen's attorney wants independent prosecutor

Derrell Dowdell, attorney for the 16-year-old allegedly shot by Frank Lumpkin III last week, says he is going to the Georgia attorney general and Department of Justice and ask for an independent prosecutor. He said that District Attorney Gray Conger has "lost his credibility."

"He couldn't even get an indictment in the Kenneth Walker case," said Dowdell. "I'm not trusting him to get it right this time."

Conger recused himself from the Walker case. Dougherty County District Attorney Kenneth Hodges prosecuted the case.

He also said he is going to ask Conger to go back to court and request a higher bond for Lumpkin who he said shot his client twice, and would have killed him with a third shot except it missed.

"Mr. Conger has gone back and asked for a higher bond in other cases," said Dowdell. "In this case, Lumpkin got a $2,500 bond when it should have been around $25,000. He was also charged with one act of aggravated assault when he should have been charged with two."

On top of that, Dowdell, who said there will be a civil suit brought against Lumpkin, is going to question Chief of Police Ricky Boren why the three men who were with Lumpkin that evening, Robert Hinson, Howard Pound and Joseph Patrick Carson, have not been charged with a crime.

The shooting happened on Oct. 21. Lumpkin spotted his car, that had been stolen elsewhere, at the Circle K gas station at 3720 Macon Road, and decided to get it back.

Dowdell said that Columbus should "condemn vigilante justice, not condone it."