More than Rogers and Segall on Alabama ballot

Judging by the TV ads, folks in east Alabama might think nothing's on the ballot today but Congressman Mike Rogers and challenger Josh Segall. And of course that historic presidential race everyone's talking about.

You can hardly watch 10 minutes of an evening newscast without seeing ads for Rogers, the 3rd District incumbent Republican, or for Segall, his Democratic challenger. But there's way more on the ballot than that, including some names that should sound familiar to folks in Russell County, where everyone running in a contested county commission race has run before.

In 2004, then-Commissioner Tillman Pugh lost his District 3 seat to Gordon Cox, whom Pugh had beat in 2000. Today the Democrat's aiming for a comeback, challenging Republican Cox for that same seat.

Russell issues

Former Phenix City Mayor Peggy Martin took District 2 from then-incumbent Cecil McLemore in 2004. Today McLemore, a Democrat, is going up against the Republican Martin again.

But it's not all donkeys and elephants racing for the county commission. In District 6, there's an independent, James Michael Whitehead, challenging Democrat Mervin Dudley for his seat. Whitehead previously ran for that post as a Republican.

Also on the ballot are seven state constitutional amendments, two specifically addressing Russell County issues.

Statewide Amendment 5 is supposed to provide more local control over Russell County court fees. Local Amendment 1 proposes that Phenix City not be allowed to sell off its water or sewer system without the approval of county voters.

Contested races other than the Rogers-Segall battle and the presidential race on the Alabama ballot are:• U.S. Senate — Democrat Vivian Davis Figures is challenging incumbent Republican Jeff Sessions.• Supreme Court Justice — Democrat Deborah Bell Paseur versus Republican Greg Shaw.• Civil Appeals Court Judge — Democrat Kimberly Harbison Drake versus Republican Bill Thompson.• Criminal Appeals Court Judge, Place 1 — Democrat Clyde Jones versus Republican Beth Kellum.• Criminal Appeals Court Judge, Place 2 — Democrat Aimee Cobb Smith versus Republican Mary Windom.• Public Service Commission President — Democrat Lucy Baxley versus Republican Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh.

Alabama voters can look up their ballots online at www.ledger-enquirer.com/elections.