Bishop, Westmoreland win re-election

The two congressmen who represent Columbus appear to be on their way to commanding victories.

Democrat Sanford Bishop has 66 percent of the vote in the Second Congressional District with 93 percent of the vote counted. Republican challenger Lee Ferrell of Albany has 34 percent of the vote. Bishop's Southwest Georgia district includes a large portion of South Columbus.

Republican Lynn Westmoreland has 66 percent of the vote in the Third Congressional District with 82 percent of the vote reporting. Democrat challenger Stephen Camp of Newnan has 34 percent. The district stretches from Metro Atlanta to North Columbus.

Bishop, in an interview from his campaign headquarters in Albany, was pleased to win his ninth term to Congress.

"I am humbled and grateful," Bishop said. "The people have consistently given me the public trust to go to Washington and act for and on their behalf."

Bishop, one of the black congressmen who represents a majority white district, took Ferrell's challenge seriously.

"Based on my experience, any time there's a Republican running, he's going to generate a certain percentage of the votes from people who vote along partisan lines. It is never to be taken for granted."

Bishop was not only enjoying his victory, he was also thrilled with Sen. Barack Obama's presidential win. Bishop, one of Obama's Georgia campaign co-chairmen, has supported the Illinois senator from the start.

"It is very exciting," Bishop said. "The electricity has been felt across the country and the world. Not only have Americans been engaged, people around the world are watching with great interest."