Teen in Lumpkin case has felony background

The 16-year-old allegedly shot by Frank Lumpkin III has been convicted of multiple felonies in Juvenile Court and hasn't been in school for three years, Lumpkin's attorney said Wednesday.The teen is charged with theft by receiving stolen property — a charge stemming from the theft of Lumpkin's Lincoln Navigator. The charge got him a $35,000 bond Tuesday from Juvenile Court Judge Wayne Jernigan Sr.

"I think it was very low," Frank Martin, Lumpkin's attorney, said of the bond. "I don't think he should be assessed a bond."

Martin said discussion at the teen's Tuesday preliminary hearing focused on his seven to 15 prior felony adjudications, which are similar to convictions. Because of the number of his adjudications, Martin said the teen shouldn't even be in Juvenile Court but instead be before a Superior Court judge.Lumpkin, whom Martin said had no criminal record and an outstanding stint of community service, will be present for his court appearances — one of the factors judges examine when determining bond. He was given a $2,500 bond for aggravated assault.

The shooting occurred Oct. 21. Officers said Lumpkin, accompanied by three friends, pulled his car behind the Navigator and approached the driver's side window when he saw it at a Fort Benning Road gas station.

The driver of the Navigator, in the SUV with two others, tried to leave and wrecked the vehicle in the parking lot. He ran toward the back of the convenience store, and Lumpkin allegedly followed and told him to stop.

Martin has said his client attempted to detain the teen, whom he said had a firearm. Lumpkin fired a shot, and the teen again ran, collapsing in a ditch, Martin said.

Lumpkin's attorney said the demeanors of the teen and those allegedly with him that day had been grossly misrepresented.